5th Generation LED Lighting 

LED5 is our terminology for 5th Generation LED type lighting products. They are Ultra-Efficient, have a higher Lumen output but with significantly less glare than previous LED technologies.

The only barrier currently restricting full-market-uptake of LED5 is education. It's our job therefore to help spread the message, providing an easy and affordable migration path to LED5.

For Sporting Stadia be that indoor or outdoor, LED5 is an absolute must, with far better performance, increased economy and huge advances in reliability.

For Industrial clients the economic reasons alone are enough to consider migrating to this superior lighting technology.  

So in essence, the mass market uptake of LED5 in the UK is just a question of eduction, insight and ultimatley migration. 

To get some accurate LED5 migration figures that are contextual to your organisation and current lighting system, book our FREE survey and we'll give you the Maths on LED5.



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