3 ways to cheaper business lighting

The 3 main reasons why organisations have not yet migrated to 5th Generation LED lighting.

1) Upfront Cost

Despite the clear commercial benefits, replacing an entire lighting system is a major capital outlay that will adversely affect expenditure and cash-flow.

2) Lack of trust in the product or provider

Many organisations are sceptical about getting the right independent advice and therefore don’t convert to more efficient lighting technology.

3) Concerns about operational disruption

A full lighting exchange is a major project in itself. Clients may have concerns about operational, disruption and downtime.


How can Unity Lighting help you to quickly leverage the benefits of 5th Generation LED

Streamlined Cost

Unity Lighting can offer numerous financial packages to suit most needs, with both lending and leasing options available.

Trusted advisor

Unity Lighting have built client trust by providing open and transparent independent lighting advice. We operate a 5-step lighting-by-design process that ensures our clients get a fit-for-purpose solution every time.

Minimal disruption

We often work in challenging and mission critical environments where downtime must be kept to a minimum. Our installation teams will work around you, this includes evenings and weekends

Post by Glyn Prendergast of Unity Lighting Ltd